Predator trapping

The Kaweka trapping programme started in 2009 in response to increasing numbers of kiwi deaths.

Between 2007 and 2010 twenty five transmitted kiwi died from predation by stoats, ferrets and dogs. The actual total kill is likely to be even more (i.e. kiwi without transmitters). These deaths were devastating for the kiwi population.

As a result ECOED, the Department of Conservation and Hawke's Bay Regional Council installed traps on walking tracks, roads and farmland in and around the Kaweka Forest Park. The trapping network, which has grown over to over 500 traps, includes DOC200, DOC250, SSRT and Timms traps. These traps target cats, ferrets, stoats, weasels, rats and hedgehogs. Ferrets, cats and dogs are the biggest concern when it comes to adult kiwi survival; stoats predate on kiwi chicks.


In addition, all dogs entering the park are required to be kiwi aversion trained.


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Predator trapping

Contact us if you would like to help service predator traps in the Kawekas.