Science and innovation

Every new innovation no matter how big or small is a step forward in saving our kiwi and other wildlife around the world. 

Developing game-changing tracking technology

ECOED has had the privilege of being associated with John Wilks of Wildtech in his development of game-changing tracking technology.


John has studied and analysed the behaviour of Kaweka kiwi. He developed the Chick Timer ‘CT’ transmitter, which lasts twice as long and provides three times as much nesting information as previous versions for virtually the same cost. John also used the Kaweka kiwi population to test the 'Sky Ranger', a fixed-wing transmitter tracking system developed to find juvenile kiwi who had gone walkabout.

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Trialling new technologies

ECOED has also been involved in a range of other innovations, including:

  • trialling of transmitters when the software was changed from analogue to digital 

  • testing stainless steel transmitter mounting

  • trialling new ways of attaching transmitters to kiwi, and

  • testing effectiveness of various predator trap lures.

Kiwi transmitter fittng

We have also collected feather and blood samples from our kiwi which have been used in kiwi genetic studies and have developed ways of dealing with kiwi disease within the crèche environment.


ECOED is open to further studies that would increase our understanding of kiwi and aid its long-term survival.