Kiwi crèche at Lake Opouahi

ECOED established a kiwi crèche in 2008. It's a 40-hectare pest-free area surrounded by a 3.3km pest-proof fence.

The kiwi crèche at Lake Opouahi was established by ECOED Trust in 2008. The crèche is 9km inland from Tutira on SH2. It is a 40ha pest-free area surrounded by a 3.3km pest-proof fence. Pan Pac Forest Ltd sponsors the maintenance of the crèche and the pest proof fence. Kiwi chicks are taken from the wild and brought to the safe haven to grow until they are deemed able to defend themselves against a stoat attack. Kiwi health checks are usually carried out on Tuesdays by ECOED volunteers. The kiwi crèche is open to the public at all times.  

ECOED aims to integrate outdoor education, environmental education and conservation in Hawke’s Bay and is able to offer kiwi experiences and tours for schools and the general public.

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Lake Opouahi, Hawke's Bay

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